Monday, November 30, 2009

Kelli & Jared

Wednesday evening I had the most fun with Kelli and Jared! The way they treat each other and interact is so hilarious! I was so excited when they told me they were bringing the old fire truck- how fun is that??? normally its just brides that are using a fire truck so it was neat to switch it up a bit! I had a hard time picking out which of my favorites to blog- I just couldn't get enough of their facial expressions and laughing-everyone knows I love me some laughing pictures! and they laughed constantly!

I just had to post this picture...with a little background story-
Kelli is pregnant! =) and we all know that being called fat or our weight coming into the conversation does not make us happy campers... Jared made the mistake of making a comment about her new weight from the dr. apt earlier that day and so this picture was taken right after he said something and then was trying to make up for it- classic!
and they made up =)Thanks for being so patient through Thanksgiving to see your pictures! Yall are awesome!!

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