Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Janssen & Craig

Craig and Janssen were married this past Saturday and it couldn't have been a more perfect day! I could probably use the word perfect every other sentence but Im going to try real hard not to...They had planned out the day in a way that is a photographers dream come true!!! They started the day getting ready at the Marriott Hotel and then we went over to the Marty Leonard Community Chapel for Janssen and Craig to do a 'First Look'. We took a few pictures and then did ALL of the family pictures. After a BEAUTIFUL marriage ceremony the bridal party all went downtown Fort Worth for some fun pictures and then ending at the Colonial Country Club
for a very elegant and beautiful reception.
The Wedding and Reception were so touching... I can specifically remember tearing up/crying at two separate spots! At the end of the ceremony Janssen surprised Craig with a letter she had written when she was 14 to the man she would someday marry. I didn't get to read it but from Craig's tears it had to be something very heartfelt!! (pictures are in the slide show) and during the reception Janssen's sister gave a very tear jerking speech!! I love that my job allows me to document and capture all the emotions that go into the biggest day of people's lives!

Craig and Janssen chose to do the 'First Look' outside the Chapel to get more of a variety of pictures..So many thanks to Lauren Miller for joining me in Fort Worth to be my second shooter for the day! She captured this image below along with so many other fabulous shots! Craig is the perfect example of why doing a 'first look' is the best choice for brides and grooms! Not only did he have a very genuine excited face to see his bride earlier in the day... at the aisle he had such sweet tears! The ceremony was so personal and full of happy tears! Lauren got quite a few shots of Janssen tearing up as she repeated her vows during the ring exchange but I thought this one showed the true happy tears that they were! Like I said earlier- after the ceremony the bridal party went to downtown Fort Worth because there was about an hour and half before they were to be introduced at the Reception... Such a perfect idea!! As the guests were making their way there and enjoying cocktails we had a blast walking around downtown!
As I was going through images I found this one Lauren captured and I just had to post it! Janssen is such a gorgeous bride!
Janssen & Craig- Yall are an amazing couple and it was such an honor to be such a huge part of your day and capture the love that is so evident between you!!
Please be sure to check out the rest of their wedding images in the slide show by clicking here


  1. You are truly amazing! Your work is so breath taking! You are so great at capturing the "moment" and not just taking a picture. I aspire to be as great as you someday!