Friday, April 3, 2009


I get questions all the time about what people should wear for their family, engagement or senior session. For families and couples I always recommend wearing colors that coordinate but not necessarily the same color. Coordinating colors still gives the impression that you are a group without the boring matching outfits specifically plain white shirts. For seniors I always recommend clothes that fit their style, something they are comfortable in and feel good in. Layers and accessories always add a trendy touch and help with poses. A good mixture of jeans, casual and dressy clothes are good options. Below are a few examples of good ideas.

Another popular question is 'Do we need find places to go?" If you have a specific place in mind that is just fine, if not I've got tons of places I like to take people to in order to give each one a unique and different picture, I try to mix up my places and find new ones each time.
  • For newborn sessions- please bring any special blankets or toys, accessories such as bows and skirts for girls and dad's hat and jackets and fun hats for little boys. I have some props that are available for use but you are more than welcome to bring anything that you feel will be special and unique to you. Mostly newborns are photographed in their diaper. We will use as much as we can depending on the baby's temperment and or time.
  • For seniors- please bring any instruments you may participate in, or a favorite chair or couch, as many outfits as you would like.
  • For kids, bring toys and bribes (candy) that you think will help get their attention. bright colors, scarves and accessories are always fun. again-any props you think would make your session special and unique to you.

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