Friday, April 3, 2009

Why 'First look'

This post is mainly to give a few reasons as to why I encourage brides and grooms to do a 'first look' before the wedding ceremony.

-Most importantly I believe it is a time for the bride and groom to have an intimate time together alone where they can truly express themselves and live in the moment that is their wedding day without having tons of people around.

-Another biggie- is the amazing photos we will get! Having the time to take all the pictures before the ceremony will allow us to take advantage of the natural light which produces the best pictures. We will not have to rush through pictures. Rushing through pictures leaves very little time for creativity.

-Less stress on everyone involved in the wedding day. The bride is a lot less stressed after spending a fun time with her man and their bridal party goofing off and taking fabulous photos.

a few more reasons to emphasize
-fabulous pictures
-no hide and seek between the bride and groom.
-the groom normally has a more genuine face and reaction when he sees his bride for the first time because there is not 100 people looking at him.
-guests don't have to wait at the reception
-less stress
-did i mention more fabulous pictures?
once the bride and groom are fully dressed and ready the groom will wait at the alter (or wherever they would like to do their first look) and then the bride will walk down and will let him know when he can turn around and see her and how gorgeous she is on the happiest day of her life. Then tears and smiles, and hugs and softly spoken words result. The couple has privacy and then notifies us when they are ready to begin all the picture taking. We first get the amazing photos they have dreamed of having on their wedding day of the two of them and then the wedding party joins in and then the family pictures are taken with plenty of time for everyone to freshen up before the ceremony where they will celebrate with all of their friends and family.

Please let me know if you have any questions about doing a 'First Look'

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