Saturday, October 31, 2009

all things new

So its about midnight on a Friday night... Im spending it in my usual way: watching a movie on the couch with my laptop..working away. Im dying to tell all of you blog readers whats been going on behind the scenes here-but I cant YET! come January (fingers crossed) there will be all things new.
Im so anxious! but even more excited and wish I could reveal it all now! but you will just have to wait like i am =)

Im up way too late like a crazy lady getting my Christmas Card designs that I purchased ready for all of you past, present and future clients to see. If your interested in seeing the designs shoot me an email and I will be sure to send you the link.. I dont want to post them on here b/c well I want all of your family and friends to be blown away when they get them in the mail =) yes they are that fabulous!
I bought the designs which are completely customizable for each family and session- I know you are going to love them b/c I think they go with my images perfectly!

Tomorrow is a full day of shooting for me and then some trick or treating with the family and then an awesome wedding at a theater on Sunday! busy weekend!

Happy Halloween!!

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