Saturday, September 12, 2009

My handsome little cowboy/fireman

Last weekend was Aydin's 2nd birthday! hes growing up way too fast and Im not quite ready to give up the snuggles... On Labor Day we went out to see daddy working and took a few more 2 yr pictures in our cowboy getup. He loves his boots and hat!! hes the cutest little cowboy i know! Daddy got him on a horse and I was quit surprised he liked it so much... when we got out of the car he wouldnt even let me put him down because he was so scared from all the horses standing around.. but it must be the comfort of having daddy right there.
the rode around for atleast 30 he was a little tuckered out..the saturday before Labor Day we had his birthday at one of his favorite places- Kiwanis Park. We managed to talk to the Wichita Falls Fire Dept into driving by and celebrating with us. I took pictures of all the kids with the truck and they all had a good time i hope! For his birthday I sent out postcards-so much cheaper than regular cards I found out... playing hard
all the kiddos got these super fun fireman hats..

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  1. Gah, the Thomas kids are getting soo big. And your little man is quite the handsome cowboy, he is a doll!