Saturday, September 12, 2009

Melton Cousins

This morning I met up with the Melton family even though it was pouring down rain and is continuing to rain all the day long. Im so glad we decided to still make it work! they were so much fun! and thankfully Shea knew just the place to go to still have some coverage from the rain! we mainly stayed under the porch and then there was a lighter drizzle so we played in the rain too! I love what we got of the cousins... its difficult to get 3 little ones to sit and look... so we didnt do much of that! i prefer lots of playing! dance, dance!
little poser! I cant wait to have just her in front of my camera! shes such a ham!
Shea is a new realtor in town... if your looking for one- let me know and I will get you her info! =) so here are a few headshots for her to use!

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