Monday, August 31, 2009

tickles and kisses

I know I got some family pictures done back in May but what can I say.. Im addicted to pictures! and my little baby is turning 2 this next weekend! My husband somewhat obliged and tried not to get too frustrated with me but this had to be one of the funnest family pictures we've done... b/c all we did was play for about an hr.
My goal was to capture some of the things we do ALL the time but that normally occur right before bed or just randomly in the morning or evening. tickles and kisses! I love them... well I take that back.. I do not like to be tickled- I hate it and scream bloody murder if Chris tries to tickle me!!! but Aydin loves it... he comes back for more and more and more! and my favorite thing is when we give nose kisses and big squeezes!
One of my besties and neighbor came with us to help me get some pictures of the three of us! she came to my last photography class and is really picking it up!
I love this picture.. I can just hear "tickle, tickle, tickle" when I look at it!
These kisses are all for me!My Aydin's sweet nose kisses are the best in the world!I had to get these taken before my baby is no longer a baby and wont stop long enough to get some of our lovin!! I need to do some actual 2 yr old pictures of him.. not sure when that will be though.. his birthday is this saturday and ive been a bad busy mommy... its so unplanned and unorganized!!

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