Monday, August 31, 2009


This weekend my father-n-law and sister-n-law came into town for the Hotter' n hell along with our new baby nephew! well not so new anymore... 3 months old! I cant believe this was the first time we got to see him! I had the most fun holding him and playing with him this weekend! such a happy little fellow! and i loved this funky baby session! so different then what most are up for.. but it fits Bailee perfectly! you may remember bailee from her super fun maternity sessionthis may be my new favorite baby picture...we attempted to get some pictures of my aydin and ryder to surprise Pops with a picture of his two grandbabies... it didnt go too well... but i love what we got.. b/c well its their age- Aydin has no interest in being still next to a little baby =)I told him to be nice... this is what he did.. softly stroking the baby... being nice =)

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