Sunday, May 10, 2009

modern bride

I had the most fun taking Michelle's bridal pictures. We started out at the Canals... but I was dying for more color.. so we went elsewhere. Im so excited for her wedding in June... Her and her bridesmaids stepped right out of the JCrew. She had a lady make her dress straight from a picture of the original dress from JCrew. Michelle's dress was a nice breath of fresh air compared to all the other puffy traditional dresses. She sat and laid everywhere and afterwards there was not a dirt spot anywhere on her dress!
While we were taking pictures this guy comes up and wants to take some pictures of me photographing her... if you see pictures of me somewhere on the internet.... send them my way =)


  1. Beautiful work as always!! I love looking at your photos!

  2. i love the one where she's standing on the post of the stairs! very cool!