Thursday, May 7, 2009

huge giveaway

I am a huge romantic softie. I could watch nothing but romantic comedy's, I can even sit through and enjoy an old cowboy movie as long as its got a small romance thread throughout. I love listening to engagement stories and especially photographing couples that cant hide their love for each other yrs after the wedding. My husband claims he has no romantic bone in his body- but his marriage proposal says otherwise so I'm constantly trying to encourage him to find it.

1 week from today will be my 4 yr wedding anniversary. I'm so excited because my hubby and I will be spending most of the day together doing whatever we want. Last yr this month was the absolute worst month of my entire life and it really made me appreciate my husband, our family and friends that helped us through it and support me constantly.

I want to have a giveaway to celebrate marriage and to honor those that love each other through thick and thin because we all have to admit its not always easy.

Email me your name, phone #, and anniversary date and EACH MONTH I will draw a name from those whose anniversary is that month and give away a free photo shoot plus 25% off prints. Feel free to send me friends or family's anniversary dates that you think would enjoy a free photo shoot. It starts this month. I will do a drawing on my anniversary (may 14th) and announce the winner for May!

(just so you know I get kind of gitty about things. Ive never done a big giveaway- so I'm supper excited. Don't let me down- email away!)

and because every post is better with a picture.. here is my hubby and I. Erica who 2nd shoots weddings with me did a fabulous job on my family pictures.


  1. Thanks for the shout out girl!

  2. Beautiful family and images!!

  3. Love this!! And this family!! :) Happy early Anniversary!! Love Meagan Poirot