Tuesday, November 11, 2008

playing in the leaves...

Every time i walk outside i always glance next door to see if the neighbors are playing outside and most of the time they are. i love listening to them run around and play-the girls always come to my fence and talk to my dog, Sis, and they are always having to go into the backyard to get their balls before Sis tears them up. They are just too cute! well today i walked out on my way to the grocery store and i glanced next door and Miya and Mika were outside looking as cute as can be - i couldn't help but take their pictures! and it just so happens that my hubby decided to rake the leaves this morning and so there was piles of leaves just waiting to be played in and thrown everywhere so we spent the next 30 playing and taking pictures.

I love how much twins look alike but are many times so different! these two definitely have their own personalities
older sis cracks me up- shes always on the phone when i see her outside =) she wasn't quite prepared to take spur of the moment pictures-but i think shes gorgeous

i love my neighbors!
I NEVER take Aydin with me on a photo shoot (except for when we went to Seymour) but since these pics were spur of the moment he was having fun with us in the leaves... he actually did a great job of letting mommy take pictures of others even though he was tired and cranky! i had tried earlier in the afternoon to take pics of him in the leaves and it just wouldn't happen- ive decided... if im the only one there for him to interact with and ive got a camera in my face- there is absolutely nothing i could do to get him to look at me long enough to focus the camera and take the picture... but i think these turned out pretty cute from this evening... check out that drool!

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