Monday, November 10, 2008

Aniston + my camera = LOVE

Sunday afternoon i had the great pleasure to photograph this beautiful family! Aniston just loved to smile- she made my job so easy- she just smiled beautifully on command and was just so pleasant and fun! Lucy Park is gorgeous right now! it was just crawling with people and photographers- i think i saw 10 other ones around! luckily we didn't have to dodge too many people in the pictures!!

beautiful sisters =)

Malerie and Brennon are so photogenic together- I cant wait till their engagement pics!!

I love when you can tell that parents are still so in love with each other! having kids can take a toll on a relationship-but look at these two!
Thanks for such an enjoyable afternoon- my cheeks were actually hurting from smiling too much!

1 comment:

  1. they are beautiful & you did an amazing job! you are so creative & you have a wonderful & artistic view!!

    Thanks for your sweet comments! We are very much in love & I'm glad other people can tell that! I am lucky to have the best husband on the planet!!

    thanks again!