Monday, December 14, 2009

David Brown-Singer Song Writer

I have had a very nice weekend!! for one the weather was fabulous and my hubby was actually off on Saturday and Sunday which means... Friday night I got a ton of orders done =) and so Saturday and Sunday I was forced to leave the laptop closed on the dinning room table. It was so refreshing to take a break from the computer part of my job although I got to photograph 2 super fun shoots over the last 2 days... the computer part is not so fun at all but well worth it in order to do what I love oh so much!
Saturday's shoot was a breath of fresh air.... David Brown who is a singer song writer out of Graham, Tx and currently living in Los Angeles, hired me to shoot some images for his album coming out very soon! It was a lot of fun having music playing while I photographed. I could definitely get used to that! Hes amazing and has such a huge support system. I cant wait to see everything in completion.
It was nice to take a step back from what my normal portrait shoots are like! Normally I stick to shaded areas or back lit for pictures but I loved the direct sun for most of these images. Heres David serenading me as I photographed him!

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