Thursday, November 12, 2009

Morgan Family

This evening (technically yesterday as it is 12:30 a.m.) I got to meet a beautiful little family! baby Meritt did so good for her first professional photos.. I really like the age 5 months.. shes smiling and laughing. if only I could re-tell how Tara gets her to smile in a way that would really portray it! I was seriously laughing... i cant think of the songs at the moment but she would sing these certain adult songs and little Meritt would just be smiling and laughing! it was way too cute!
for those of you that might not be my close friends.. I have a baby fever bad-and i want a sweet baby girl more than anything! I know God is bigger than my plans and He will give us what He knows is best...but I have baby girl fever pretty badly! and little Meritt did not help the cause =) isnt that the sweetest thing how shes looking at her daddy! Apparently Meritt likes to spit up all the time... so i left the spit up- I love it! my Aydin spit up all the time before he was 1... and its just a sweet little reminderThanks Tara for getting me to take your first family photos- it was such a pleasure getting to meet you and your gorgeous family!

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