Thursday, October 22, 2009

little Addy

Yesterday I finally got to meet this beautiful little girl! i love her big blue eyes and that full head of hair... shes just the sweetest thing! check out the color scheme- i love it! pink, brown and green... very good choices so that they arnt too matchy! and pink always makes pictures pop! it was a little bright (although it was overcast) and cold for this little girl... she was all wide eyed and alert till we went outside..
I really liked this next picture b/c their dog is in the picture... Max was so cute.. kept coming to check me out since i was taking pictures of little Addy... so cute how dogs like to be protective =)they were telling me about her new found smiles... we finally got a good one when they were playing with her! look how shes pushing daddy away and laughing at mommy =)

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