Monday, October 19, 2009

Lisa & John

Lisa, a little bit of a prorastinator contacted me about a month and half ago about shooting her wedding and I loved her the moment we met up...i believe we ended up talking for aprox. 2 hrs just about life and marriage and the like.. and then met up again to finalize everything and talked again for a couple of hrs! She has an amazing heart and I can see that her and John have a very special love for each other! thankfully saturday evening was so beautiful and perfect for an outside wedding and reception- Praise Jesus!! Lisa and John chose to have their day at the River Bend Nature Center. It was my first time to shoot there and I loved it! everywhere around there was perfect for pictures! I knew it was going to be a good day when Lisa had told me that her and John were thrilled to do a 'First Look' which gave us time to get some good shots of the two of them and give them a special moment to enjoy to themselves! so much fun!
Be sure to check out their slide show for more picture goodness! click here
here are few of their details..
loved, loved, loved her dress... lace is just so pretty and simple! and her shoes... how fun and different are these!?!also-cant say enough about her cake. done by the very talented Aunt Glenda. They always taste and look amazing! all around the 2nd layer it reads "failure is not an option" I love that! and i think it rings so true when going into a marriage... divorce is not an option- you make a commitment to work through things always! Now onto the 'First Look'... I cannot encourage brides enough to make the decision to see their groom before the ceremony ESPECIALLY when getting married at sunset or late in the evening... due to scheduling and so forth we had just enough time to get some good pictures of the two of them with the beautiful natural light before the ceremony... if youve ever wondered what it is and how it works the next few pictures lay it out perfectly..
bride about to walk towards him..we tell him shes there and he turns to look at her in a secluded area without 100 people gauking at him...and an embrace that you dont get to do in the middle of a ceremony...the next 3 images were shot by Lauren Miller who so graciously stepped in to help me with this wedding. I dont normally show my 2nd shooter's images but I thought this would really help you see 1) the importance of having 2 photographers and 2) the ability of us to catch both bride and grooms expressions as they see eachother.
dont forget the slide show-click here

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