Sunday, October 11, 2009

Erin & Matt

Erin and Matt have to be one of the cutest couples! I always love watching as couples interact and goof off with each other... they had me cracking up the entire time- my cheeks hurt!! I will start with where we ended because this is where they met.... N&T Billiards. Unfortunately they were closed so we didnt get to use any fun props =( They met through a friend and slowly it developed into a dating relationship and then became serious when Matt was moving off... I love how Erin is ready and willing to be an Army wife or as she calls it a mistress and that he is really married to the army =) Im so excited for them and I cant wait till their big day in May!
You are so gorgeous Erin!!! hope you love them!!

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  1. the pictures are great meegan. thank you so much.