Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lindsey Family

I finally got to photograph this sweet beautiful family yesterday evening! i think we have been trying to plan it for at least a yr now... but persistence paid off and i LOVE what we got! my most favorite image first up- I love how candid it is... yes i asked them to walk towards me holding hands... but after walking a few steps they completely took on being themselves and the distractions that come with having little ones- in a good way of course! I love how little Hudson is looking down so as not to trip, dad is watching him, Maddie is in her own little world, and mommy looks down at her new one who is beginning to stir... i just want to blow it up and put it on a large canvas wrap for my studio! I was in shock when I saw this picture on my computer last night... her expression is so perfect and all the others in the series are fake smiling and shyly looking it!
some fun playing =)such a sweet boy... "you want the ball" Little Truett decided to join the action for about 1 minute...
then back to sleep.

I was laughing so hard when we were taking these pictures of just the two of them. they said.. "our kids get mad when we look at each other" haha what?? they were hitting them and grabbing them below... so funny!
Thanks so much guys for making it happen! You have such a beautiful loving family!!

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