Monday, September 28, 2009

Johnna & Shane

Saturday evening was absolutely perfect for Johnna and Shane's wedding in Archer City. There was a little bit of a scare with rain chances but it couldn't have been a prettier day. The Royal Theater has never looked so fabulous decorated by the Clever Chicks. They did an outstanding job! I think my favorite part was the aisle way for the ceremony! loved it!

I have been looking forward to their big day for quite some time... their engagement/family shoot is one of my favorite still to this day and she rocked her bridal session just like i knew she would b/c she is such a beautiful lady in every way! I fell in love with her the day i was introduced to "Shane's serious girlfriend' so i knew their wedding would be nothing short of fabulous! They are perfect for each other and I know God is going to bless them abundantly as they walk this life hand in hand! Im so happy for them and so thrilled that I got to be a part of it!

Please check out more of their images by clicking here

here are a few details done by the Chicks

funny story about this next picture =) This is their exit and im trying hard to keep up with them and i step into this huge pile of stickers and im too short to go over the railing so i had to go between- but luckily i got this one really good focused image while wanting to scream and dig out all the stickers in my feet because yes i was of course wearing sandles like i always do. they came out the back of the theater while guests went in for the reception so we started off with their pics back there... Shane was like what? in front of the dumpster.. i was like hey- the light is good and we are secluded... lets go with it =) every spare second they were embracing.. love it!

loved how he just had to be touching her... so sweet!they had a good ol' time at their reception- lots and lots of laughs!
dont forget to check out the slideshow

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