Sunday, August 2, 2009

Justis & Chris are married!

I love weddings (obviously) and i really love them when i know the bride and the family as much as i do Justis. To me- photographing a wedding is the best way to enjoy one =) I showed up early and got all the girls getting Mary Kay makeovers (how fun is that!!) which is such a perfect way to get all the girls looking even more fabulous. Robbin Todd did an amazing job on Justis's makeup. If you need a Mary Kay consultant-shes your gal!
here are a few details....the handsome groom that has major hat issues =) it was a significant part of the ceremony as he wore it in- the ring bearer then took it from him and then after the bridesmaids walked in the ring bearer carried the rings in it back to the alter. i love watching siblings that have a close relationship interact! not sure what they were laughing at but i love it- and i love them!! move back to wichita falls please =)jump contest- i think the girls got more air... what do you think??? Congrats Justis and Chris- I am so happy for the two of you!!

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