Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jaci & Dusty are married

The first time I met with Jaci I knew I would love her and her family and that she would be one of my favoritest brides ever... why? becuase she wanted something different and she trusted me to give that to her. Her bridal shoot re fired my love for capturing people with a camera and put an assurance in my head of what I was striving for in my little business. I always enjoy each and every one of my photo shoots but there are few that really stick out and are exactly what I want in one. After going to The Workshop with Jasmine Star it just confirmed even more the type of brides and people I want to appeal to. She is fun, non-traditional, stylish and all around fabulous! Her wedding was nothing short of that. Dayna with Events By Dayna did an excellent job of coordinating the special day that everything went off without a hitch! I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and hope it wont be the last! Philip Combs Designs (having a hard time finding his info on the web) did such an incredible job on all of the decorations... they seriously took my breath away with the creativity and uniqueness of them. as you can probably tell by the pictures- I couldnt get enough of them! what a talented man! every bride should check him out. The Greystone Castle was amazing! I dont know how often they have weddings there but it was PERFECT for Jaci and Dusty! manly enough for a hunter such as Dusty but absolutely gorgeous for Jaci.
enough rambling... here are the pics

loved how Philip chose to wrap this with the grass... Jaci always has her own ideas- which I love! for the bridal shoot.. she brought all sorts of props and for the wedding she brought this amazing door for her dress and other detail shots... Jaci and her non traditional self told Dusty that if he bought her a string of pearls she would slap him with them ;) so he got her this gorgeous ring that had some pearls in it... It melted my heart to see how much Jaci loves her grandmother... Jaci's wedding rings were hers and I think Jaci would have loved for her to be in every picture! what a beautiful family of women! Im so thankful for Jaci's sister Jenifer for seeing one of my pictures and telling Jaci "you have to check her out" and for Jaci's mom Fleda for reminding me how great and influential my grandad was!the lucky guy! One of the most amazing things about having a wedding outside or at a venue other than a church is the angles I am allowed to get by having the freedom to move around a little.

Teresa with Let Them Eat Cake did an outstanding job on the cakes... go check her out!! Last but not least Scott with Dazzle Entertainment rocked the pavillion and provided the music throughout the day.
to see more of their wedding images check out the slideshow

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