Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Taran & Kent are married!

Taran and Kent had a fabulous wedding on Saturday July 4th outside of Austin, TX. Taran is my hubby's cousin and I was so excited to get to be such a big part of her wedding day. Our Aunt Holly took care of the flowers and Taran was so surprised to see that she had picked out sunflowers- which is what Kent always buys her. I was also trilled to return to the Chapel Dulcinea- it is such a gorgeous and free (I might add) venue. It gets booked so fast (being free and all) that Taran had to choose an afternoon slot-which made it scorching hot outside! but everyone did great and the lighting was just perfect inside the chapel. and Taran made the most beautiful bride ever- so stunning! loved the untraditional dress- it fit her personality perfectly!

Kent is such a great guy and we are thrilled to have him be apart of our family! on our vacation we got to really know them as a couple and they are just so much fun!loved soo many ceremony shots- here's Kent fighting back the tears =) I love how they look at each other... I couldn't get enough of their facial expressions!the ceremony was so perfect! really funny and also really personal and sentimental! right after their exit they snuck away to this little corner and had a few private moments together while the rest of their wedding party walked out.. I showed her the pictures of this later on that day and she was thrilled and had no idea i was taking pictures and had gotten it all on camera. getting a hug from his new brother!


  1. I LOVE HER DRESS and adore her shoes!! Great photos!!!