Monday, July 27, 2009

Keith & Kelli

Saturday I got to spend the afternoon and evening surrounded by such a loving and excited atmosphere! Kelli and Keith are just so in love and ready to be married- I couldn't help but smile while watching them interact and kiss on each other constantly! It was such a fun and beautiful day! As i was looking through pictures last night and it was approaching 3 a.m. I realized I had way too many! unfortunately I had to cut some... but there are still a ton on here! =) here are a few details from their reception- the Sikes Lake Center looked absolutely gorgeous! They did a fabulous job of decorating our church!
love this shot of the dress!the bustling of her dress was so complicated they had this nice diagram to go off of... i love how it looked bustled up.. such a gorgeous and fancy dress!the beautiful kept driving by honking and whistling... which made for a perfect picture when they reacted to it! the lucky guy =) i told him he didn't have to smile and he said.. why wouldn't i smile this is such a happy day!
probably one of my favorite jumping shots... not planned-but the groom jumped out more and put himself in front of the others... love unplanned captures!bride's parents! love them!Kelli & Keith's favorite coaches secretly stole the rings and put them in a softball & baseball cut open so that the rings could be hidden inside... They were so shocked and touched.arnt these pictures so clear- love my new lens!
right after the walk through... they crack me up!I chose to do a lot of series in this post.... i love how they tell a story and show all their expressions
Kelli and her girls planned a fabulous and super entertaining dance to a series of songs during the reception! so cute!
Thanks for letting me into your special day... I had such a blast and I know God is going to bless your marriage!! you are so perfect for eachother!!


  1. those are amazing Meegan! You just keep getting better & better!!! You were always awesome, but now, you're outdoing yourself!

  2. These are beautiful! I love all the details you captured as well!