Friday, May 22, 2009

Lerma Clan

Ive got to be honest with you.. photographing large family pictures is not my favoritst thing! but these guys made it fun. yeah it was hard to get all the kiddos to smile or to even look in the same direction, but once we just started playing it was a lot of fun! I had a hard time not posting mostly pictures of this little cutie... I think because hes right at the same age as my Aydin and so I just gravitated towards him! Isnt he a doll! I love how he was so serious most of the time and then when he did laugh it was heart melting.
"All because two people fell in love" I love that saying... and to think.. because of these two- all the others came to be who they are. and all these cute kiddos! I seriously couldnt believe how high he was in the air... but he loved it! There were so many more pictures I wanted to post... but I need some sleep for tomorrow's wedding!

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