Saturday, April 18, 2009

Poirot Family

Meet my neighbors! He is now a cop- makes me feel pretty safe... especially since he had his gun on him during the shoot in a man purse =) im teasing him... but I LOVE this family! they are just fabulous... I only wish we would have started talking across the alley 4 yrs ago instead of 1. This is 1 of 4 shoots I did today... other shoots to be posted later... it was a perfect day for picture taking and I spent the entire day outside doing so! I love my job! here are a few of my favs (i told myself i would try to pick just a couple since i did so many sessions today-yeah... couldn't do it.. too many!)
During this picture the kiddos kept running by... it was pretty entertaining!


  1. we know the Poirot family.. old friends!! these are some of the best pics I've seen you do!!!

  2. Meagan, the photos are fantastic!! I love them of you mike and kids. Thanks for sharing with me!! jack xoxoxo