Monday, April 20, 2009

Justis & Chris e-shoot

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of photographing Justis & Chris and get a glimpse of the love they have for each other. We started out at the church where they met and she would sit and turn around and look at him every Sunday... I thoroughly enjoyed listening to their story which began when they were in 5th grade! They were such a joy to photograph - their love for each other was so evident! I would suggest a pose and they would just look at each other and laugh and smile from ear to ear and the way Chris would look at her just made me melt! Im so happy for these two!
The sun would come and go from the clouds-sun shinning directly on them... sun hiddenThis is their little sign to say I love you that they write to each other that Chris made up yrs ago... They were cracking me up the whole time with little stories they would share about eachother and just goofing off together...When they were together at the beginning of highschool they started sitting like this at church where it was hard to tell they were holding hands... sneeky sneeky..

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