Sunday, March 15, 2009

Leah & Jeremy-pt 1

Saturday I got the GREAT pleasure and honor of photographing Jeremy and Leah's big day as they made their vows in front of God, their family and friends. Leah just radiated love and happiness all day- normally it takes a while to get a girl to really naturally laugh for you, but she was awesome at it... and of course her bridesmaids made it easy...something about armpit hair??? who knows- but they were cracking everyone up! I am also so thankful for Angie Lee and Erica Madden for being by my side and helping to make sure all angles were covered!

the bride's shoes... I've seen Cowboy boots in place of heels... but this was the first! I love when brides decide to do what fits them and nothing else! Perfect!

Leah had made a point to me to be sure and not to mention her late grandmother the day of the wedding so that she wouldnt get upset- she had always wanted her to be there with her. The items below were hers that Leah wore and held in honor of her grandmother-she was truly loved and missed.

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