Saturday, December 6, 2008

Picky Picky Picky

My beautiful picky sister made me beg her to take pictures outside- i kept saying 'just trust me- they will be so much better than studio pics' and thankfully she gave in =) We had very little time and so we crouched into her neighbors tiny yard before we lost our daylight... and then resulted to studio! Somehow genes got lost on me- both my sisters are always looking gorgeous in front of the camera! She will probably hate me for posting this picture of her laughing- but i love it- because i love her laugh-its so contagious!

future heartbreakers with those eyes of theirs!
My little nephew is in a toddler music class and they had a little recital- it was adorable... all these little kids ringing bells with their mom's help to music! just precious! Thanks Sister for feeding me my favorite food!! Chick-fil-A is so yummy!

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