Wednesday, November 5, 2008

little miss Ella

Little Miss Ella came to visit me again last night- I always love taking her pictures... i get my baby girl fix through her =) Her mom brought her over to document several outfits- her Halloween outfit, baptism and Christmas! The little cow costume is just adorable and fitting considering her dad is from Windthorstand the back had the cutest little tail...
Ella's mom was so prepared- she came dressed in layers so we just kinda shredded a layer in order to do the next outfit... Her precious Christmas dress- Daddy didn't want her to have anything red or green and he didn't want to be in any pictures for the card- guess he got his way- but i just love this dress and i think its still very Christmasy (is that a word??)
the few times she smiled for me was the split second mom yanked out the paci... my thought is that she was thinking 'ha that's funny now give it back' and would start to scream.
Ella's grandmother also made her baptism gown... I love all the white- she looks like a porcelain doll
Thanks for always trusting me with Ella's pictures!!

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