Monday, October 13, 2008

pocket full of posie (couldnt resist)

More of Posie that i promised! I got to do her newborn pictures and then she came back to see me for pumpkin pictures and 3-4 month old pics! i just love this age when babies start to coo and talk and those smiles-they arnt just all the time but when they do-its amazing! thankfully we cought a few of those smiles!

her mom handmade the cutest little pumpkin costume- and she didint seem to mind that big hat! she was such a trooper with all the things we tried to get her to do!
mmmm flavor! about 90% of the pictures we took of her in the pumpkin were of her sucking on the edge!
Thanks for letting me capture the beauty of your little girl through my camera!!


  1. She is a beautiful little girl and sooo happy. Meegan you did a great job of bringing the family to life in pictures.

  2. Thank YOU for reminding me of what a beautiful family I have, and how blessed we truly are! Love them all, can't wait!